Welcome to the Antigua and Barbuda Intellectual Property and Commerce Office (ABIPCO)

ABIPCO is here to work with the general population and business community of our twin island state to provide an efficient and satisfactory service.

ABIPCO strives to be a trusted partner to empower the creators and inventors who drive our economy here in Antigua and Barbuda. We hope to provide an infrastructure, build expertise and grow the creative and business industries by offering greater protection of the creation and exploitation of Intellectual Property.

We at ABIPCO hope to maintain and implement the highest international standards as stipulated by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for the protection of intellectual property rights, ensuring that Antigua and Barbuda remains a state where talent and creativity continue to flourish, as well as create and promote awareness of intellectual property rights of individuals and companies alike.

  •  We commit to providing trained, polite and capable staff to handle customers’ business
  •  We commit to providing courteous and helpful compliance officers.
  •  We commit to efficiently and pleasantly fulfill clients’ needs in the shortest possible time.
  • The Antigua and Barbuda Intellectual Property and Companies Office falls under the Ministry of Legal Affairs which originally formed part of the High Court wa established as a separate Department with the responsibility for the day to day administration of the following subjects:
  •  Companies
     Business Names
  •  Trademarks
  •  Patents
  •  Trademarks
     Industrial Designs
     Geographic Indications
     Other types of Intellectual Property
    As our users we ask that you:

     Provide accurate and honest information in all documents and forms.

     File all statutory documents in a timely manner.

     Consult us on any aspect of our operation which needs clarification or explanation

     Conduct yourselves in an orderly manner as you carry out your business with us.

     Suggest how we may improve our service to you.



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