Fees for Trademarks

For registration of the same mark for goods in more than one class—
Fees are Eastern Caribbean Dollars

Matter or Proceeding  Amount (EC$)
For the first mark    $250.00
For each additional class      $  50.00

For the renewal of mark 

   on or before the date of expiration $175.00
   Within three months after expiration  $200.00
   More than three months after expiration $300.00
Restoration of mark to the register  $300.00
For any other alteration or rectification $  40.00
For settling a special case by the Registrar  $175.00
For inspecting the register  $  25.00
For office copies, per page    $  15.00
For certified copies and every certificate   $  50.00
For recording of Change of Name or Address    $  40.00

For filing counter statement or any opposition proceedings document    

For filing of license contract    $  50.00
Filing of any other document not included above   $  25.00



Industrial Design Fees
Matter or Proceeding
Amount (EC$) Corresponding Form
1 Application fee $250.00 Form No. 1
2 Correction of application to comply with requirements for according filing date $40.00  
3 Registration and publication fee  $100.00 plus publication (106.20)  
4 Renewal $250.00 Form No.6
5 Surcharge for late payment of renewal fee $100.00  
6 Request for recordal of change in ownership $150.00 Form No.3
7 Submission of license contract for recordal $150.00  
8 Inspection of register $25.00  
9 Certified copies of documents (per page) $5.00 per page, $50.00 to certify  
10 Request for correction of error $40.00  
11 Request for hearing $175.00  
12 Change of name or address $100.00 Form No.5



The Geographical Indication Fees

  Matter or Proceeding Amount  Amount (EC$) Corresponding Form
  Application fee $250.00 Form No. 1  
  Correction of application to comply with requirements for according filing date $50.00    
  Publication fee  $200.00 Plus fee for Publication    
  Registration fee $1000.00    
  Request to the Registrar to state in writing grounds of decision to refuse      
  application Or to accept it subject to conditions $100.00    
  Notice of opposition to registration of geographical indication, or filing      
  Counter-statement to notice of opposition $150.00 Form No 2  
  Request for refuse or to invalidate registration of a $150.00 per page Form No 4  
  Request to refuse Or to invalidate registration of a mark which conflicts      
  with a geographical indication for wines and spirits $150.00 Form No 5  
   Inspection of register $25.00    
  Certified copies of documents $5.00 per printed page and   
    $50.00 to certify  
  Request for correction or error $40.00  
  Request for hearing $175.00